Thursday, June 12, 2014

Did you see Mech-Chem Associates at the 2014 NASF Surface Finishing Tradeshow in Cleveland, OH?

Mech-Chem Associates visited Cleveland, OH June 9th thru 11th for the 2014 NASF Surface Finishing Tradeshow.  

Mech-Chem is a full service engineering & design firm who showcased their technologies and capabilities in Acid Recovery & Chemical Processing. These technologies included a full line of Acid Recovery Diffusion Dialysis Systems as well as design capabilities for Alkaline Cleaning, Acid Etching, and Chemical Milling Systems.

The SUR/FIN 2014 show had many exhibitors displaying numerous metal parts that either used chemical coating, plating or acid etching baths for processing. Mech-Chem displayed their experienced chemistry design knowledge on how to recover the acids from these types of baths including Aluminum, Titanium and Nickel alloys.

Mech-Chem was please to visit the Cleveland Convention Center and take part of the 2014 NASF SUR/FIN Tradeshow.

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  1. I would like to know if you have experience in the following applications:

    1/ Recovery of Sulfuric Acid in the Aluminium pasivation (the exhausted acid contains a high concentration of Aluminium Sulfate.

    2/ Recovery of Clorhidric acid, used in the Steel cleaning previous to the galvanization or painting operations. The exhausted clorhidric contains Ferrous cloride in solution.

    If you have experience, please tell us roughly the cases and the cost and savings. compared to the traditional neutralization solution.

    Thank you in advance.

    Germán Fañanás